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FNA #65 - 961209: [First english version]
Editorial | Feedback | This week's unmarked police cars | Metallica censored by MTV | The police buys Audi | Scientology building under fire | Telia's new prices | Probation for forging grades | The B1FF-alphabet | Fighter jets for sale on the Internet | Nazi-jews | Saudi Arabia censors This Perfect Day | Ten years for porn flicks | All foreign words are banned in Iran | Safer ID cards with new technique | Ultima Thule gets their own Internet homepage | Rosenbad's home page hacked | Short article on Scientology | Santa - live on the Internet | Hexor's home page stopped | Internet - the new drug | Homan - for Iranian homosexuals' rights | Telia's Nära newsletter cancelled | Maxis victimized by hack | PS. Check this out

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