The 8-circuit model of Consciousness (Timothy Leary)

10 Big Myths about copyright (Brad Templeton)

10 Things Every Parent, Teenager & Teacher Should Know About Marijuana (-)

12 Reasons to Legalize Drugs (-)

20 ways to sabotage your school - part 1 (Cosmic Charlie)

100 Ways To Disappear And Live Free (Struct Def)

The ABC's of Payphones part 1 (Mad)

The ABC's of Payphones part 2 (Mad)

The ABC's of Payphones part 3 (Mad)

The ABC's of Payphones part 4 (Mad)

Abolish all Prisons! (-)

Aids as a weapon of war (Dr W. Douglas)

Aids: Epidemic or Weapon of War? (1/3) (Brian Francis Redman)

Aids: Epidemic or Weapon of War? (2/3) (Brian Francis Redman)

Aids: Epidemic or Weapon of War? (3/3) (Brian Francis Redman)

Almost Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Security (but were afraid to ask!) (Alec)

Anarchism and Civility (-)

An Anarchist Defense of Pornography (-)

Anarchist electronic contact List (Jack Jansen)

Anarchist Of America (1/4) (Clarence Bodicker)

Anarchist Of America (2/4) (Clarence Bodicker)

Anarchist Of America (3/4) (Clarence Bodicker)

Anarchist Of America (4/4) (Clarence Bodicker)

An Anarchists guide to: Airports (-)

The Anarchist's Guide to Black Arts: Volume 1 (The Huntsman & the C.H.A.O.S. Agency)

The Anarchist's Guide to Civilian Warfare and Sabotage (The Tracker)

The Anarchy Files Volume 2 (Night Crawler)

Animal Testing: Which health charities do and which don't? (Lawrence D. Hare)

Arafat's Speech in Johannesburg (Yasser Arafat)

Art as Anarchy (-)

The Art of making M-80 and M-100s (Anonymous Caller)

Banned Computer Material 1992 (Carl Kadie)

Basic Credit Card Fraud! (Mr Big)

The Basics of Hacking: Introduction (Elric of Imrryr)

BBS Crashing Techniques (Mr. Memorex)

Becoming A Phreaker - The Quick n' Easy Way (NightJoker)

A beginners guide to Hacking UNIX (Jester Sluggo)

Being an Essay on Sex and Sex Magick (Nigris, O')

The Best Way To Die (if ya HAD too, eh?) (Sir Death & Doctor Murdock)

The Book of Destruction Part I (Jack the Ripper)

The Book of Destruction Part II (Jack the Ripper)

The Bobbit Song (-)

Bombs/Explosives/Experiments (-)

The Book of the Unlawfuls: Volume 1 (Shadowspawn)

Buried Alive (-)

BT Computer Security Manual (British Telecom)

BRUTE: A brute force approach to hacking Unix passwords. (Prometheus)

The Camillagate Tapes (The conversation between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles) (-)

Car Explosion Look-Alike (The GNN)

Censored Books (Jerry W. Decker, Ron Barker & Chuck Henderson)

Chemicals and their Sources (Inflammatory Comments)

Church of the Re(A)listic (The GNN)

Church of the Subgenius Online Pamphlet (J.R. "Bob" Dobbs)

CIA and the Dope Business (Brian Francis Redman)

The CIA's Secret Weapons Systems (Andrew Stark)

Class War: What we Believe (-)

Codes in Hustler (-)

The Complete CIA Manual of Operations (Video Vindicator)

Compression and Cracks for Dummies (Bad Boy!)

Computer Security (E. A. Bedwell)

Concerning the Numbers & the Words of the Book of the Law (Temple of the Golden Dawn)

Confessions of an English Opium Eater (Thomas de Quincey)

The Conspiracy Book List v1.1 (Brian Holtz)

Conspiracy Nation Recommends (-)

Constructing a Logical Argument (-)

The Cracking Manual (The Cyborg)

Cracking the Universal Product Code (Count Nibble)

Credit Carding Part I: The Card (David Lightman)

Credit Carding Part II: Getting the Cards (David Lightman)

Credit Carding Part III: The Dropsite (David Lightman)

Credit Reports; What You Need To Know! (-)

Criminal me (or eat my confessions) (Phearless)

Cyberspace Innkeeping: Building Online Community (John Coate)

Deadly Brew (Seymour Lecker)

Death at Disneyland (John Marr)

Death Cult Warning (Graeme Wilson)

Defense Data Network Blues (Harry Hackalot)

A Defense of the Freedom to be Left Alone (-)

The Definitive Instructions for Smoking Bannana Peels (Debaser)

Deregulating Drug Use (an anarchist perspective) (-)

Direct Action: 14 ways to improve your job (-)

Documentation and Diagrams of the Atomic Bomb (Outlaw Labs)

Don't talk to Cops (-)

Drug Abuse Series: MDMA (Drug Abuse Information and Monitoring Project)

Drug Bibliography (citations no later than 1990) (Donald J. Mabry)

Drug Testing FWI (Frequently Wanted Information on beating drug tests) (Justin Gombos)

Electronic Terrorism (King Tut)

Encyclopedia Britannica 1856 about hemp (Encyclopedia Britannica)

The Encyclopedia of Direct Action (-)

Ethload User's Guide (E. Vyncke)

Everything you ever wanted to know about Anarchy (But were afraid to ask) (-)

An Experiment in the Home Cultivation of Psychedelic Mushrooms (Dojah)

An Extensive Guide to Bell System Man Holes (Vonnegut)

Field Expedient Methods for Explosives Preparation (Thallion)

Field Guide to the Psilocybin Mushroom (F.C. Ghouled)

Firearms, Hunting & Trapping: Facts and Positions (Stephen B. Jeffries)

The First Book of Pyromaniacs (Grey Wolf)

Fly Free: The Courier Route (-)

Free Compuserve Access (The Wanderjahr)

Free Trade Versus Protectionism (Richard M. Ebeling)

Freedom is Slavery in 1984 (-)

Fun things to do to stupid neighbors (Delta Burke)

Gambling Secrets (-)

Getting others to Commit Suicide (The Blade)

Global 2000: Earth First! for the "Master Race" (Brian Francis Redman)

Getting others to Commit Suicide (The Blade)

Government Computer Security Techniques (The Line Breaker)

The Greatest Hacker of all time (Dave Small)

The Grey Book (An Introduction to Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth) (TOPY)

A Guide to Internet Security: Becoming an Uebercracker (Christopher Klaus)

Guide to Lock Picking (Theodore T. Tool)

Gun Control, Criminals, and DEATH (Pazuzu)

Hacker Test (Felix Lee, John Hayes & Angela Thomas)

Hacking Bank Of America's Home Banking System (Dark Creaper)

Hacking Compuserve Infomation Service (Shadow Lord, Esq.)

Hacking GTE Telemail (Master Micro)

Hacking PC-Pursuit Codes (The Weenie Warrior)

Hacking Techniques (Logan 5)

Have fun with paranoid people in the US government (Paul McGinnis)

Having Fun In School (Candyman)

The Health Effects of Marijuana on Humans (Marc Anderson)

Hemp Bibliography (-)

The Hidden Mickey List (Rich Koster)

The History of Anarchism (Brian Crabtree)

The History of British Phreaking (Lex Luthor)

History of Drug Use/Prohibition (Thomas Szasz)

The History of Jesus: Tracking down the Son of God (?) (Roger Squires)

The History of Medical Marijuana (Alan Silverman)

History of Marihuana Use: Medical and Intoxicant (-)

How BT phone cards works (Archaos)

How Free is Free Speech? (‡lue ‡alls)

How not to Make Friends & Annoy People (The Razor)

How Private Is My Credit Report? (Privacy Rights Clearinghouse)

How to Annoy an Ememy (or make a new one) (Ralph 124C41+)

How to Annoy Someone (Shooting Shark)

How to Fuck up Work vol.1 (Public Enemy & The Anarchist Alliance)

How to be a Hacker (Erik K. Sorgatz)

How to Be an Importer (and Pay for Your World Travel) (-)

How to Bill All Of your Fone Calls To Some Poor, Unsuspecting Son Of A Bitch (RedBox)

How to Build a Flying Saucer (T. B. Pawlicki)

How to Build Your Own Underground Television Transmitter (Outlaw Telecommandos)

How To Cause Panic (Phearless)

How to fuck the Dead (The Necrophiliac)

How to fuck with Peoples minds (Wolfbane)

How to get a free account on CompuServe (-)

How to get your own files from FBI (-)

How to grow Marijuana (Jolly Roger)

How to Grow Psilocybe Cubensis in Your Own Home (The Seeker)

How to Grow Psychedelic Mushrooms (-)

How to Hack UNIX System V (-)

How to have fun with Alka-Selzer (Uncle Wiggly)

How to kill your Friends (Iron Glove & Author Dent)

How to login to a C.B.I. System (L. E. Pirate)

How to make Alcohol (-)

How to make Cocaine (Cube)

How to make DMT (-)

How to make Hash (Chris)

How to make Nitroglycerin (William Powell)

How to make TNT (-)

How to Put an End to Unwanted or Harassing Phone Calls (Privacy Rights Clearinghouse)

How to Scam Coke Machines (Oliver Clothezoffe)

How to Suck Cock - A 14 Lesson tutorial with techniques from some of the experts (-)

How to Trip on Morning Glory Seeds (Bud J. Jonser)

General Destruction Volume 1 (The Unknown Observer & Riff Raff)

I Have A Dream (Martin Luther King)

I Love You (-)

The Impossibility of Socialism (Richard M. Ebeling)

An Indepth Guide in Hacking UNIX and the concept of Basic Networking Utility (Red Knight)

Indoor Marijuana Cultivation (-)

Interview with a psychiatrist about psychiatric dangers of Ecstasy (Nicholas Saunders)

Intro to Anarchy (Chuck Munson)

An Introduction to the Anarchist Movement (Brian Crabtree)

Is Aids Biological Warfare? (Dr. Strecker)

Is Bungee jumping dangerous? (-)

Israel's Secret Weapon? (David Jones)

ISSN Numbers: An Introduction (Nigel Allen)

The Joy of Revenge Part III (The Griffin)

Junk Mail: How Did They All Get My Address? (Privacy Rights Clearinghouse)

Just say yes and no how past drug use may (and may not) have addled your Brain (Rose Pike)

Kitchen Improvised Blasting Caps (Tim Lewis)

Kitchen Improvised Explosives (Gordo)

The Lamahs-Guide to Pirating Software on the Internet (-)

The Last Words Of Lee Harvey Oswald (-)

Leading the Way to Free Travel (-)

Liberty Activst' List (-)

A List Of Some OF The Most Useful UNIX Hacking Commands (Scott Walters)

LSD (David Honig)

LSD: The first 50 Years (-)

Make Quick Money (-)

Making A Small Flame Thrower (The GNN)

The Manual of Animal Rights (David Cowles-Hamar)

Manual of the Anarchist vol. 1 (Conan the Barbarian)

Marihuana: How to Grow It, Reap It, and Cook It (-)

Marijuana and the Bible (The Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church)

Marijuana Myths (Paul Hager)

Marijuana Smoking Guide (Reefer Man & the Chamelion)

Marijuana Test Info (-)

Masturbation (-)

May You Never Sleep - Cognition Enhancing Drugs (R.U. Sirius)

MDMA Scheduling (Francis L. Young)

MDMA use in the North West of England (Peter McDermott)

Military terms, code names and slang words (-)

The M.M.C. Guide to Hacking, Phreaking, Carding (The Dark Lord)

The Modern Speeders Guide to Radar and State Troopers (Exilic Xyth)

Mushroom Identification (Rik Marshall)

The Myths of "Libertarian" Economics (-)

National Commission on Marihuana And Drug Abuse: A Signal of Misunderstanding (-)

The New Grower's Guide (K)

No Justice, No Peace, No Excuse (-)

NSA Employee's Security Manual (Chris Goggans)

Objections to Anarchism (George Barrett)

The Occult Technology of Power (-)

The Official alt.tasteless theme song (Crunchy Frog)

O.J. Simpson Case - The Unspoken Details (Sherman H. Skolnick)

The Ordo Templi Orientis Historic Evolution Flowchart (O.T.O)

Organizing for Social Change (-)

O.T.O. Introduction (O.T.O)

Our Enemy, the State (Albert Jay Nock)

Paranoia can be a Good Thing (Mr. Sandman)

The People's Spellbreaker (John DiNardo)

Persuasion & Brainwashing Techniques Being Used On The Public Today (Dick Sutphen)

Persuasive Strategies (Clifford A. Schaffer)

Petty Scams and Telephone Tricks - Mostly by RBCP (The Phone Losers Of America)

PGP: A Nutshell Overview (Jeremiah S.Junken)

PGP Startup Guide (Xenon)

Pot vs. Cigarettes (-)

The Power of Dollar (-)

A Practical Approach (Video Vindicator)

Pranks on your Parents (Blacknight)

Primer on Animal Rights (-)

Privacy Info Source (Doug Monroe)

Psychedelic Drugs (-)

The Psychological Effects of LSD (Marc Anderson)

The Psychological Operations in Guerilla Warfare (Tayac n)

The Pyrotechnic's Guide to Explosives Part 1 (Wizard 2000)

Pyramids to Get-Rich-Quick (Jerry W. Decker, Ron Barker & Chuck Henderson)

Raising Hell with Unix (Kryptic Night)

The REAL way to hack RemoteAccess (Byte Ryder)

A Reality Check on Anarchy or How to be an Anarchist & Still avoid a Prison Term (M. Rider)

Reefer Madness (Dune Hartsell)

Reflections on Student Activism (Abbie Hoffman)

Revenge: Don't get mad - Get even (George Hayduke)

Rights on Arrest (UK) (Salmon the fish)

Right woos Left: Populist Party, LaRouchian, and Other Neo-fascist Overtures (Chip Berlet)

Rockefeller Syndicate - Secret Govt pt 1 (Don Allen)

Running A Successful + Profitable Gambling Ring (Candyman)

The Sabotaging of the American Presidency (L. Fletcher Prouty)

Safety Tips: How Not to Get Killed (Exodos)

Satan: God or Anti-God? (-)

Satanic Ethics (O.T.O)

The School Stopper's Textbook (The Yippies)

Scum Manifesto (Valerie Solanas)

The Secret Underground World Society (Robert Desko)

Sell American (and Make a Fortune Doing It!) (-)

Sex; Ecstasy and the Psychedelic Drugs (R.E.L. Masters)

Simple Steps for Outdoor Growers (-)

Simplex Locks: An Illusion of Security (Magic Man)

Slavery in the Hemp Industry (James F. Hopkins)

Smoking Kill Your Computer (H. George Dean)

Solo Shroom Trip Log (-)

Spread freedom of the weed at your local library (-)

Start Your Own Travel Agency (-)

Starting a Pirate Radio Station - Chapter I: The Raw Basics (Arclight)

Step-by-Step Guide to using the Freedom of Information Act (Allan Robert Adler)

Suicide (The GNN)

Suicide Methods (Mike Marsden & Calle Dybedahl)

Swap Your Home and Travel Free (-)

Swedish Hackers Association - Annual Year Protocol #3 (Mr Big, Lixom Bah, Phearless a.o.)

Swedish Hackers Association - Annual Year Protocol #4 (Mr Big)

Tasteless Kama Sutra (canonical list of tasteless and absurd sex acts) (-)

Techniques of Harassment: How the Underdog Gets Justice (Victor Santoro)

The Ten Commandments of Revenge (George Hayduke)

The Ten Mafia Families (Ed Reid)

Terrorizing your neighborhood or how to celebrate halloween 365 days a year (The Pickpocket)

The Testimony of Walter E. Disney (Walt Disney)

This is Class War (-)

Three things Marijuana doesn't do (NORML)

Tips on Starting Your Own BBS (Pazuzu)

Timetable - When were drugs made illegal in the US? (Keith Lewis)

Totalitarianism (Chip Berlet)

Toxins - Killing quantities of things (-)

Transcript of Waco 911 tapes (-)

Trip Tips (-)

Tryptamine Hallucinogens and Consciousness (Terence McKenna)

Unconventional Warfare - File 1 (Video Vindicator)

Unconventional Warfare - File 2 (Video Vindicator)

The Universal Conspiracy Against Everything (The Whyte Bard)

UNIX: A Hacking Tutorial (Sir Hackalot)

UNIX Computer Security Checklist (Australian Computer Emergency Response Team)

UNIX Use and Security From The Ground Up (The Prophet)

Using LSD to Imprint the Tibetan-Buddhist Experience (Timothy Leary)

The Vandals Handbook (Capt. Chaos)

VISA Hacking (Hellrat)

Voting Anarchists: An Oxymoron or What? (-)

Waco Recap (-)

Watching the Feds who are Watching You (Sir Knight)

Weaknesses of the human anatomy (Hei Long)

What Can I Do? (-)

What They Really Mean (-)

What To Look For In A Code Hacking Program (Dissident)

What you need to know about smart-cards and electronics phonecards (-)

What you need to know about electronics telecards (Stephane Bausson)

What You Should Know About Computer Viruses (BlenderHead)

What You Should If You're Accused A Crime (Joyce B. David, Esq.)

What's Wrong with America (John MacArthur)

Why Anti-Authoritarian? (Larry Giddings)

World's Most Powerful Glue (Thallion)